Origami Crane Earrings

Lisa Birch June 2012

With this project I wanted to explore another avenue of using origami cranes, after completing 1000 white cranes last year; in a project to raise funds for the 'Pray For Japan' appeal after the tsunami. I wanted to take the idea of the crane, for which I have become affiliated  and make it into an adornment; something feminine that was intended to be worn and enjoyed. These adornments took the form of earrings. It has been important to me to examine the use of colours in my work, bearing in mind fashion trends, seasonal colours and differences in perception between eastern and western cultures. I want the colours to reflect the ideas of the wearer, and for that I have created three collections.

The Earthen Collection; Is based on neutrals and colours from the sky and earth. It is the colour of rust and soil. This collection is closely linked to the concept of Wabi-Sabi; beauty in natural forms.

The Sherbet Collection; Is inspired by summer fashion. It is the colours of sweets and lovely things. Its taking joy from the handmade and the kawaii. I wanted to include a British twist to the traditional origami of my earrings, by adding haberdashery elements to insert a feeling of craft and loveliness.

The Aura Collection; Is discovering colour in a divine way. It is the colours of the soul of creativity, imagination and love. This collection is connected to the ideals of spirituality in a modern world and how colours can be worn to adorn the body.

"Those who cannot feel the littleness of great things in themselves are apt to overlook the greatness of little things on others" (Okakura Kakuzō 1906)

I would like to invite you to enjoy the beauty in the small things and the little considerations we make in life. Aesthetic beauty does not have to be grand and ornate, it can be discovered in the smallest and most delicate objects. The handmade can hold more beauty than the mass produced, because it will never be perfect, and will never be recreated.


 Earrings that are not sold during the exhibition will be available on etsy online shop  from 1st July 2012. Click here for shop.