About: Lisa Birch

Lisa is interested in the fragility of life and how this can be shown in various ways. In the past, she has looked at world disasters, in relation to death and the impact there of. The concept of Wabi-Sabi is an underlying theme in most of her creative works, the idea that beauty is there to be seen, even in the ugliest things.

Some of her work has been influenced by the art of origami, the belief that making 1000 cranes grants the maker a wish. She has been looking into the study of ‘The Transience of Life’, and believes it can be recorded in simplistic imagery, and thought wearable transient objects. These objects take the form of jewellery made from origami, using traditional folds while inventing new designs.

The role of death and transience is deep seated throughout her work, but she sees the importance in the process of making, and repeating works. She currently produces items for a global marketplace, with the aim to make others aware of the fragility of life, and how precious each moment is.

She is a recent graduate from Plymouth College of Art, Where she received her BA Hons Degree in Photography and achieved a Masters in Entrepreneurship For Creative Practice.